Breakthrough in fiber connectivity

Bifrost Communications is developing a device that amplifies and separates fiber optical signals with the potential of million Dollar savings for the telecommunications industries worldwide.

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Superior performance, low cost – patent-pending

Service Providers today agree that fiber-based internet to the home or to the mobile mast is the only solution that can deliver sufficient bandwidth for the users of today and tomorrow. Unfortunately, providers struggle to make profit on their operations due to the inefficient way the fiber is used to day. The solution is a flexible channel selective receiver capable of picking out 10 times weaker light than standard receivers can do today. For the first time, multiple channel fiber-based internet to the home is possible with complete flexibility for the internet provider.

Our solution increases the distance from the central office by a factor of 4, and allows 8 times more end users on the same fiber, thereby enabling the internet provider to decommission and close down 90% of the central office facilities, thus making the economics of their operations and their business case much more attractive. We can do this with low-cost standard lasers, and our system is fully compatible with deployed fiber.