Originally Bifrost is funded by a number of private shareholders and DTU – Technical University of Denmark.

A selection of our grants and investors

Proof of Concept (PoC) grant from DTU.
DKK 1 000 000 (approx. US$ 145 000)
Alexander Foss’s Industrifond.
DKK 125 000 (approx. US$ 18 000)
Climate KIC – European Institute of Innovation
Phase I € 25 000 (approx. US$ 27 000)
Climate KIC – European Institute of Innovation
Phase II € 25 000 (approx. US$ 27 000)
Inclusion in Industriens Fond/Scion
DTU’s Danish Tech Challenge
DKK 500 000 (approx. US$ 72 000) Prize from
Industrial Foundation Denmark, as winning prize for
being selected Entrepreneurial Start-Up of the Year 2017
DKK 4 million (approx. US$ 600 000) early stage
venture capital from Borean Innovation.
The Christian Nielsens Foundation increases their
investment in Bifrost to a total of more than
DKK 1.2 million (approx. US$ 185 000).
The Market Development Fund provides co-funding
to Bifrost to reach successful market introduction and
enter into the final product development phase.