Bifrost receives co-funding to reach successful market introduction

5 Nov 2018
Kim Ulrik Schaumann

2018, November 5.

Bifrost Communications has entered into the final product development phase together with two potential customers, and this phase has now been co-funded by the Danish Market Development Fund.

“It is fantastic for us that the Market Development Fund has chosen to support us and facilitate that we can enter into the final stages of our product development process. We expect that the first commercial optic transceivers utilising our technology will be in production next year,” says Bo Pedersen, CEO of Bifrost Communications.

Large cost savings and significant efficiency improvements

Transceivers are a key component that powers the internet all over the world. Transceivers are the components that enable fiber optic communication. There is a transceiver in each end of a fiber. Bifrost’s patented Quasi-coherent technology makes it possible to manufacture these components in millions at a reasonable cost. With technology from Bifrost, manufacturers of transceivers with commercial available optoelectronic components can manufacture their own transceivers meeting all classes of the NG-PON2 standard. Hence, Bifrost’s technology makes not only large cost savings but also significant efficiency improvements possible for operators globally.

Bifrost’s project has “global news value and will lead to significant innovation compared to the existing products in the market,” the Board of the Market Development Fund emphasises in its decision to support Bifrost.

Amongst the very best to be supported

The Board of the Market Development Fund emphasises that it is their “estimate that the product has a substantial market potential and a well explained business case.” They stress that Bifrost Communications possess “the right skills to be able to be able to commercialise the product”. Finally the Market Development Fund adds that it is their estimate that Bifrost’s project is “amongst the very best” to be supported by the fund.

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