Bifrost steps up product-development after InnoBooster-grant

18 Dec 2018
Kim Ulrik Schaumann

2018, December 18.

Bifrost has started to develop the next generations of its technology for superfast fiber internet connections. This happens parallel with that Bifrost Communications has entered into the final product development phase together with two potential customers.

Bifrost Communications has launched an internal development project which aims at developing the next generation of hardware – a signal processing chip (ASIC) – which, together with the license to use the patented technology, will enable customers to manufacture transceivers that can reach longer and serve more end-users.

Up to 50 Gbps capacity

The objective of the new development project is to develop next generation ASIC’s for 10 Gbps, 25 Gbps and 50 Gbps capacity.

The development project is in part made possible by a grant from Innovation Fund Denmark’s InnoBooster programme.

In the project, Bifrost is also taking the first steps toward being able to offer its own transceiver. In addition to the ASIC development, an Optical Sub-Assembly (OSA) prototype will be developed, containing the optical components unique to Bifrost’s quasi-coherent technology. Bifrost’s product, an optic transceiver, consists of two components: a chip and an OSA. An optical transceiver is the unit that sends and receives light, converting the light bits into electrical data bits. In fiber optic networks, transceivers are found in each end of every fiber.

Getting ready for other use cases

Another objective of the development project is to develop Bifrost’s patented technology for other uses than superfast fiber optic internet.

“Our technology is applicable to many other use cases, including 25 Gbps links, datacentre interconnects and mobile front- and backhaul. Considerable effort of this InnoBooster project is dedicated to these applications, with the overall objective to solidify our position as the provider of transceiver technology of preference in emerging markets,” says Bo Pedersen, CEO of Bifrost Communications.

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