New chairman of the executive board in Bifrost Communications

19 Nov 2018
Kim Ulrik Schaumann

2018, November 19.

Søren Niebuhr has been appointed chairman of the executive board in Bifrost Communications. The new chairman represents Borean Innovation, one of Bifrost’s most important shareholders. Borean is an early stage venture capital investor.

“Bifrost Communications are in a rapid development. As we already have said, we expect that the first commercial optic transceivers utilising our technology will be in production next year. It will be my task to challenge and spar with the management to continue the maturing of Bifrost’s technology and bring it successfully to the several new markets,” says Mr. Niebuhr.

The chairman is an entrepreneur himself

The new chairman, who has a large number of board positions at high tech production companies and other companies, has a background in management, entrepreneurship and board work. He has co-owned several businesses and been employed in global companies such as KPMG and Nokia Mobile Phones. He also has experience with starting production in China.

The broad experience, Søren Niebuhr brings to Bifrost, stems from working with companies in many different industries and with companies of many different maturity levels.

Søren Niebuhr replaces Lene Gerlach, who moves on from Borean to a position as investment manager at the Danish Growth Fund.

Effective gigabit fiber-optic internet optical access network connections

Bifrost has developed a technology that makes not only large cost savings but also significant efficiency improvements possible for internet providers globally. Bifrost’s patented technology is the only solution that enables operators worldwide to provide effective gigabit fiber-optic internet optical access network connections at reasonable costs and with low power consumption.

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