Winner of Danish Tech Challenge. Most promising Danish startup.

24 Jan 2017

2017, January 24.

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Bifrost has developed an innovative, unique, ground-breaking method to increase the transmission distance and capacity of fiber based networks. Operators can expect to save millions of dollars of both Opex and Capex expenses.

As the third winner of the hardware start-up competition Danish Tech Challenge Bifrost was presented with the Danish Industry Foundation’s Entrepreneur of the Year Prize 2017 (Industriens Fond’s iværksætterpris 2017) by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, at a ceremony in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bifrost Communications has developed a transceiver which will provide for significant improvement in current internet infrastructure. With Bifrost technology it is possible to transmit optical signals at distances 4 x further than possible with current technology. At the same time, it is possible to configure 8 x the amount of users on the same fiber, allowing for improved economics of operations and investments for the telco / internet providers.

The technology is a result of several years of intense research conducted at DTU (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet). It has been shown to have a global potential, and is compatible with existing fiber technology installed in networks around the world.

“We are happy and proud, it has been a real nice experience participating in the DTC competition. We have been able to focus our team, andour participation has helped us to make some needed structural changes to our start-up company. We have been able to make direct contact with potential customers, and have had our business plan validated and begun to execute against same. And then we have gained access to a large, incredible active and network of mentors, coaches, and facilitators, who have all been very helpful and instrumental in us being in the position we are in today. Next step is to raise funds for further product development, and getting our solution ready for production“ – Jesper Bevensee Jensen (Founder and CTO, Bifrost Communications)

Below is the winning pitch (Danish) by CTO Jesper Bevensee Jensen: