World’s largest supplier Calix acknowledge and refer to Bifrost test data

13 Jun 2018
Kim Ulrik Schaumann

2018, June 13.

In Bifrost Communications they felt humble and honored when Calix Networks Inc. acknowledged and published Bifrost’s impressive test data for Bifrost’s new technology.

Calix acknowledged our solution that allows for a cost- and energy efficient 4 times increase in the distance between the central office and the home and for 8 times more end users on the same fiber.

On May 17 2018 Calix published Bifrost’s data in their distinguished tech blog in a post written by Mr. Hal Roberts. Mr Roberts is systems engineer and architect at Calix and their chief expert in a new worldwide standard set for fiber-optic internet connections (NG-PON2) and the technology necessary for utilizing that standard.

The technology from Bifrost Communications is the only solution that enables operators worldwide to provide effective gigabit fiber-optic internet connections at reasonable costs and with low power consumption.

Calix, based in California, is the world’s largest manufacturer of optic transceivers, which are the components that enable fiber optic communication. There is a transceiver in each end of a fiber.

Read the blog-post on Calix’ website: What are Quasi-Coherent Optics and Do They Change the Equation on Coherent Optics and PON?

Watch Calix Networks explain why the NG-PON2-standard rocks.