Quasi-Coherent Transceiver Technology

With its Quasi-Coherent Transceiver Technology Bifrost facilitates the need for higher data rates in 5G DWDM Fronthaul networks, Metro ring networks, and ultra-high sensitivity burst-mode OLT receivers for TWDM-Pon links

In a plug and play cost effective solution you can upgrade the DWDM links from 10G to 25G with reach up to 40 km in 5G Fronthaul applications and up to 60 km in Metro-ring networks.

The Problem Solved by Bifrost Communications

Internet Providers are faced with a constant increase in the requirements for higher data rates and an increasing number of distribution points to accommodate new applications like Streaming Services, Gaming, IOT and Mobile 5G. The core distribution networks are fiber-based utilizing Direct Detection (DD) technology. However, DD has reached its limit when it comes to providing for high data rates over long distances. The alternative, Full Coherent, is too expensive to implement for distribution to the end-users.

Bifrost has invented a novel method, Quasi-Coherent, that can improve data rate and reach at much lower cost than Full Coherent.

Bifrost has found an economic technology gap between
Direct Detection and Full Coherent detection