Quasi-Coherent optical receiver technology

Let’s help reduce cost and boost efficiency

Our components make it easier to consolidate business, mobile and residential networks by improving receiver sensitivity and making receivers tuneable. By this, our patented technology makes not only large cost savings but also significant efficiency improvements possible for operators globally.

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Affordable gigabit internet is possible

Our technology enables operators to dramatically cut down on costs for building and operating their access networks. Our Quasi-Coherent optical receiver technology will be cheap to implement for operators, and thus it can be a game changer: The solution from Bifrost Communications allows for a 4 times increase in the distance between the central office and the home and for 8 times more end users on the same fiber. We provide the most cost- and energy efficient solution for the next generations of access network standards.

Our technology improve optical access networks

In its essence, our technology can be a benefit to any optical access network. It does not matter if the fiber connection goes to the home, the business, the curb or the mobile mast. In every case, the technology from Bifrost Communications can improve performance at a low cost and make it possible to merge the three networks into one single access net. It is a versatile technology that can unlock the potential of any fiber-optic network.

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Our patented technology is the only solution that at low cost can meet the link budget of all classes of the new worldwide standard set for fiber-optic internet connections (NG-PON2).

That’s why Bifrost Communications has been invited to join as a member the Broadband Forum – the system vendors’ industry organisation – and FSAN, a likewise defining body for broadband technologies for the world’s leading telecommunications services providers, independent test labs, and equipment suppliers.

We provide a solid business case for fiber to the home

With our technology, the business case for rolling out fiber to all homes is improved significantly making it even more attractive to replace the existing DSL-technology build on the often more than 100 years old copper-based access networks. And with our technology it will also be possible to roll out fast 5G mobile networks without running into bottlenecks and lack of capacity.

Bifrost is already a well-etablished company that in 2015 emerged from the Technical University of Denmark’s Department of Photonics Engineering (DTU Fotonik) – a department known worldwide for its leading competences in cutting edge fiber-optic technologies. Our technology is patented, and the Technical University of Denmark is one of our owners.

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