This is how we can help you to bring a complete QC- Transceiver to the market.

The Licensing Option

You can license to the QC-technology. In this option we provide you with a reference design for a QC-ROSA so that your engineers can make the final design which fits your particular requirements. Part of the agreement will be a supply agreement for the QC-ASIC which we mass produce.

Component Supply Option

You can order the QC ROSA and the QC-ASIC as finished individual products directly from us. Our engineering team will act as consultants during the integration process in order to secure that you fast and efficient can bring a complete QC-Transceiver to the market.

Quasi-Coherent Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly (QC-ROSA)

Applications include:

  • 5G fronhaul networks
  • 25 Gbps DWDM networks
  • 10 Gbps and 25 Gbps TWDM OLT burst-mode receivers the only coherent receiver that fits into an SFP 28

Energy-efficient analog signal processing instead of power-hungry digital signal processing (DSP)

25 Gbps receiver with up to 40 km C-band reach

  • Compatible with standard EML and DML transmitters
  • Fits into SFP28 housing (ROSA dimensions (W, H, L: 5mm. 5 mm, 14 mm)
  • Quasi-Coherent (no DSP) receiver
  • -24 dBm sensitivity at 20 km SSMF (-16 dBm at 40 km)

The ASIC Product Range

This table shows the current range of ASIC options. The table indicates line rate, reach as well as sensitivity of each ASIC.

The performance data assumes application together with a QC technology based ROSA from Bifrost (Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly).

ROSA Evaluation Kit

Bifrost a complete handy and easy to use ROSA evaluation kit which you can order to conduct you own lab test.