25G, 40 km C-band Quasi Coherent ASIC

Bifrost Communications Aps is proud to announce our latest 25 Gbps QC-ASIC enabling 40 km C-band transmission due to our patented built-in analogue chromatic dispersion compensation.

The ASIC is ready for integration into our Quasi-Coherent (QC) Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly (ROSA), that can be combined with off-the-shelf 25 Gbps TOSAs into an SFP 28 form factor.

Applications include DWDM links for mobile fronthaul and other use-cases.


  • Transmission capability up to 25 Gbps with 40 km reach in the C-band
  • Built-in patented analogue dispersion compensation
  • Receiver sensitivity better than -19.5 dBm from B2B to 40 km
  • No penalty for PRBS 31 patterns compared to PRBS 7 patterns @ BER = 5e-5
  • Automatic gain control (AGC) to accommodate large dynamic range with no manual adjustment

Purchase options

  • Order the ASIC from Bifrost Communications and license our QC-ROSA reference design
  • Order the complete ROSA ready for integration
  • The 25Gbps 40 km QC-ASIC is available for immediate delivery. We would be happy to arrange a video demo directly from our lab as a first step.

For more information – please contact info@bifrostcommunications.com